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An Inglefield clip is a small but significant and valuable piece of equipment which secures a ship’s flag or standard to a mast.

At Inglefield Consulting we believe that small but significant and valuable pieces of development can help to secure the standards of leaders as they progress from 1st line through to senior leadership.

When an Inglefield clip is missing the standard may become unstable and lost during a storm and this analogy holds true in business; as, when turbulent times are faced, it's leaders who possess those small yet significant and valuable skills who remain firm, confidently leading their people to success.

I've been fortunate in my career to have worked for some great companies, with great people and some outstanding leaders. However, along the way I encountered first hand a no doubt talented senior manager who was clearly completely out of their depth and witnessed the utter destruction of a high performing team. The saddest thing, however, was that the individual was completely unaware of their skill gap and the impact it was having on those around them. Productivity plummeted, engagement disappeared and good people left.

The old adage that "people leave people not companies" is very true.

Although a nightmare at the time, on reflection, this experience was also one of my most valuable and was the inspiration which led me to set up Inglefield Consulting, to offer training and development to that critical 1st line management tier where so much can go wrong if the right support and development is not invested.

And an investment it is. It's really risky to leave this kind of development to "chance." This quote from a conversation between a CFO and CEO, when discussing the "spending" of money on personal development for their people, sums it up nicely:

  CEO:  'We need to invest in our people'

  CFO:  'What happens if we spend all of this money and they leave?'

  CEO:  'What happens if we don't and they stay?'


I'd love to talk with you to explore how we can help you to invest in your people and further develop productivity and engagement.

Please give me a ring or drop me a line to have a no obligation, confidential conversation.

Harvey Neve CMgr FCMI



Mobile: 07928 735575

E-mail: harvey.neve@inglefieldconsulting.com



I'm an experienced senior leader with over 20 years’ experience of senior sales, account management and national team leadership in both the private and public sectors. I've led large and diverse nationally deployed sales, project, training and service teams along with call centre and operational delivery teams. I've also led complex change programmes and am experienced in both Prince 2 and Agile project management.

Notable previous roles include Head of UK sales and Brand Development Manager in the USA for a large FTSE 100 company. Customer Service Director and Head of Division for a Government agency. I worked on the merger of a number of former QUANGOs becoming Head of Digital and Head of IT for that organisation. More recently I've been working on and leading digital transformation programmes.

I'm an accomplished strategist, change agent and speaker with extensive experience working with board level directors, CEOs, industry Regulators and Ministers of State.

I'm a Chartered Manager and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

Inglefield Consulting is based in beautiful County Durham where I live with my Wife and family.


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